Some HP Team Facts

As at 15/6/15


is the highest total ever posted by HP ladies. It was against Bexley in 2013. Despite this mammoth total, we only won by 15 runs!!! What a deck we have at The Quarters!!

The 'A' Team


at Fleming Park has played 106 matches in the ladies league. They have won a staggering 102, lost 3 and tied 1..... what a record!!


runs have been scored by Hursley Park ladies in all formats over the last 10 seasons!!

That's 52,251 batting first and 20,375 batting second.

772catches have stuck in the hands of Hursley Park Ladies....including an unbelievable 18 from 'Teflon hands' Dani Ransley!!

Only 1

loss ever at Dummer! Hurslhey Park Ladies have secured 61 wins out of 66 matches at the Basingstoke arena.....Damn you 'Green Machine' for spoiling our clean sheet!!!

229 runs

is the biggest margin of victory we have ever inflicted on an opposition....sorry Cove (2015)!!!

2 muppets

have been out 'hit wicket' whilst wearing a Hursley Park shirt....D'oh!!!....well actually it's just one muppet who was out this way twice....double D'oh!!!


maidens have been bowled by Hursley Park ladies....join those dots!!!!