Mid season reflection 2015

2nd week in August, aka the business end of the English cricket season, and both senior sides are sitting pretty in their respective leagues. We set out in 2015 with 2 very clear and measurable goals. The first XI to stay up in the top flight of club cricket for a third consecutive season, and the 2ndXI to win the HCL. Over half way through now and both sides are on well on their way. The 1st XI are having a season that reminds me of our 2012 promotion year, albeit at a higher level of the sport. No single player is dominating the league or pulling our match winning performances each week, but instead (nearly) every game someone different is chipping in with runs or wickets that grate away at the oppo. to set us in a winning position. We play teams that suffer when they have 2 or 3 of their 'guns' missing, and it feels very comforting that we regularly turn out 11 players that each have a role and a contribution to make to the side. Every single player that has taken to the pitch in a 1st XI game this year is accountable for us currently sitting 2nd in the table, and should feel very proud of where we are right now! As should happen in a club, this successful method of play is filtered down to the 2nd XI where the top order batters have been scoring runs between them, and the (mainly junior) bowling attack have been taking the wickets....again, no guns in the side, no single player holding the side together, just 11 players doing their individual 'bit' to contribute to the team. All that said, August is going to be a HUGE month, so keep going girls, give HP cricket in August everything, and let's make sure we travel to Dublin in September having done all we can as a team for the 2015 season.

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