Hursley Park Ladies first ever BLOG!!!!

So this is both a first blog for Hursley Park Ladies, and indeed for me! I don't really know what I'm doing, but I wanted somewhere that I could write a sort of diary/memoires for Hursley Park Ladies, and I beleive 'Blog' is the modern vehicle for what Samuel Pepys once knew as a leather bound journal. I am writing this post on 12th Feb 2015, and I know it won´t be read for some weeks, as the website is yet to go live, but to get the ball rolling, I will do a quick round up this weeks match at Dummer.

Sunday 8th February - This was our first match at Dummer where we are integrating oldies and littleuns. We were up against Tichborne, who narrowly lost to Ropley just minutes before we took them on. Put into bat, We opened with two senior and experienced indoor veterans. 7 balls later and both 'said' veterans had left the arena.......and no, unfortunately it wasn't the quickest 25 ever!! Timms decided to have a little stroll down the wicket and was stumped. Having witnessed this swift work from the Tichborne wk from the other end, I decided to keep my planted feet exactly where they were, grounded, one either side of the crease - next ball, unmoved I was trapped LBW. This left Baz in charge as the only surviving senior! For the next few overs, conditions must have changed out in the middle to favour the batting side, certainly the deck seemed to flatten out and the bowling attack looked tired as Baz and Aneeqa were faced with none of the testings that the openers received. Aneeqa was caught on the leg side trying to nurdle one down to fine leg, which brought indoor debutant Annie to the crease. Annie looked impressive from the off, scoring a comfortable 3 off her first ever ball faced in this format, and she looked quick between the wickets to boot. Tichborne were probably wondering how they were going to dismiss this promising youngster, when Baz came up with a solution for them. Calling for a run that would have seen Usain Bolt sweat, Annie was done up like the preverbial kipper, and back with the rest of us on the sideline. This opened up the opportunity for another youngeter Maddie G. Maddie had played indoor cricket before, but not in a senior competition. Batting at number 6 usually means coming in for an over at the end with one, maybe two batters already retired and ready to come back in. No such luxury for Maddie, there were 5 overs to go. What happened in these next 5 overs is exactly what we had hoped to achieve by integrating juniors with seniors. Baz had to step up to the mark, think on her feet and dig in for the team, whilst demonstrating how to approach these situations and how to bat indoors to her junior partner - and that is exactly what she did. Finishing 45* Baz batted through with Maddie G taking our total to a defendable 160-4. Maddie G finished 17* having watched, learned and reproduced Baz's batting methods. From a shakey 70-4 to 160-4, the confidence was back in our camp. When we took to the field there were a few more no-balls than we are used to as some of the juniors took a while to adjust to the harsher lines at Dummer, but once we found our rhythm, Aneeqa beat the bat - but not the gloves of Maddie G, Baz and I bowled steady, and Timms fired with a spell of straight stuff, clean bowling two thirds of the oppositiion to end on figures of 4-14. Job done.


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