Hursley Park vs Yateley

Played at Dummer    


Dummer Indoor League 

Won by 1 wicket

Yateley 129-2 (12)           HP    131-3 (12)


We had built a good record in the indoor league at Dummer and we had reeled off 34 successive wins by the time we faced Yateley on 17th March 2013.

We went into the match with an inexperienced team, all of whom were aged 16 or under, and including Flora Carpenter, making her debut at the venue.

Skipper and wicket-keeper Kiera Heslam lost the toss and we were in the field, and still awaiting the arrival of a third of our team, the Ansar sisters. We weren’t too concerned about their non-appearance at this stage , because they were very reliable and were probably just running a bit late, but on making a phone call to check their whereabouts Mum was very surprised as she thought the start was an hour later , but set off to make the trip up the M3 as quickly as possible.


So we took the field with 4 and Kiera switching between a 1-1 or a 2-0 field.  She also had to bowl her quota of overs and shared wicket-keeping duties with Ellie Musson. The four girls put in a sterling performance. Hannah Birch bowled the Yateley opener, and although we only took one more wicket there was a real commitment in the field and we were able to restrict the score to 129-2 from twelve overs, with Ellie’s three overs only going for 21. Aneeqa and Anisa sprinted into the venue during the tenth over, but it was deemed too late and they were not permitted to either field or bat.

So our four set off in pursuit of 130, and our master plan (with no disrespect to Hannah and Flora) was for Kiera and Ellie, by far the most experienced two batters, to retire and get back in to see us home. The best laid plans……..Ellie went for 9, but fortunately Yateley were providing us with a fair few extras (3 for wides and no balls in indoor cricket). Birchy helped Kiera for a while but when both were run out it seemed our race was run. Enter centre stage a very nervous Flora Carpenter, our only remaining wicket with her great friend Hannah at the other end as a runner. Six runs were eked out in the 11th over, but that left 16 required from the last. Flora played and missed at the first ball and Hannah wandered down to offer words of encouragement to her partner. Flora proceeded to push the next ball perfectly into the gap on the offside and not only was a run completed, but an overthrow gave us a bonus run. Incredibly the next three balls saw Flora place the ball in the same gap with her partner calling a loud “yes” each time, and each time the pair getting in despite a couple of close calls. Two were needed from the last ball and the opposition decided to plug the gap that Flora had been finding. Once again though she pushed the ball into the offside and this time there was no question of a run out as the ball bounced back at an awkward angle for the fielder.

Flora finished unbeaten on 26, and when we asked Hannah what the mid-wicket discussion had been about in the last over neither of them could remember – but whatever it was had worked, our unbeaten run was maintained, and is still going to this day.