Bill's Factoids

A Strange Anomaly

In 2018, when Sian Edwards set a club record with a remarkable 838 runs, she also recorded 8 ducks, the most ever by an HP player in a season. 

It has never been done

90 is the lowest individual score yet to be recorded by an HP player

Nearly but not quite

On debut Alex Barton was left stranded on 98 at the non-strikers end for the whole of the last over. It remained her highest score for the club.

A different type of century

Baz has never recorded a century for the club, but has twice scored over 100 runs in a day -once indoor across four games, and once outdoors when she scored fifties in both games of a T20 double header at Ansty

Better than 


Kat Carver’s knock of 32 against Langley Manor in 2014 consisted entirely of boundaries 

Nearly but not quite II

Mia Clark was twice on a hat-trick in the under 14 game at Ropley in 2020. 

Hat-trick plus 

In her first senior game for the club Ashneet took four wickets with successive balls against Ropley. A dropped catch by the wicketkeeper prevented five-in-five.

Get Me Out if You Can

Between March 2007 and November 2008 Emma Bane played 16 successive indoor innings without being dismissed, scoring 425 runs in the process.

Fastest to


Ten players have chalked up at least 100 appearances for the club, the quickest to the ton is Anisa Ansar who reached the landmark 6 years and 28 days after her debut.

House of Games

Mel Story and Sarah Matthews put on 55 for the last wicket at Nantes in 2019, but why were they batting at numbers 10 and 11? – well it was because the batting order was decided by a game of Spoof in the bar the night before !

The Good


The Ugly

Rachel Carrick has the most economical figures from a ten-over spell, conceding just 9 runs against Hayes in a Southern Premier League game in 2015. At the other end of the scale Ellie Penketh has conceded the most runs in one game – 72 from 10 overs at Purley in the Championship in 2011.

Pad Rash?

DNB (Did not Bat) is a fairly common scorecard entry, but the letters have gone next to Timmo’s name on a staggering 78 occasions. 

We can't keep

her away

In the calendar year of 2019 Becky Blake played 64 games for the club, an HP record.

Strange Retirements I

Retired Hurt is, unfortunately, a fairly common occurrence – but our scorebooks chart three rather unusual retirements. The first was in a tour game at Hatherleigh in Devon in 2016. The opposition had told us that one of their players had milking duties in the adjoining field that had to be carried out at a specific point. As fate would have it she was batting at the given time, so the scorecard reads ‘retired to milk cow

A Productive Ball

What is the most that can be scored off a single ball? is a standard question, to which of course there is no definitive answer. Most would say six, those that really follow the game would say they had seen a seven or even eight with overthrows – and in indoor cricket those that have played a bit could claim to have seen a nine or even ten. In an under 11 indoor game in 2020 Sophie Butcher struck the ball to the wall around mid-off and her and partner Niamh Magee set off with the words of the coach ringing in their ears (“keep running and sometimes the fielders will panic so always look for overthrows”) sort of thing. Well, they kept running, and the fielders did panic with a series of misdirected throws. When the ball eventually became dead the umpires had to get together to work out what had happened, before informing the scorers that Sophie had scored 19 off a single delivery!


Retirements II

Mel Story was batting well in a Southern Prem game against Ickenham in 2019 and had reached 66 when in a break between overs one of her contact lenses fell out. Despite the efforts of players from both sides and the officials it could not be found and the scorecard entry reads ‘retired blinded’. The lens was later retrieved.

All in Vain

Frankie Barber’s century at Wokingham in 2014 remains the only time that an HP centurion has finished on the losing side. 

Get Me Out if You Can II

Caitlin Chissell has batted 14 times for us in indoor cricket, and is yet to be dismissed. She has scored 280 runs.

Points don't always mean Prizes

As well as winning the Hampshire League 4 times our 2nd X1 have been the leading points scorers in two other seasons, but not been crowned champions


but no Cigar

The highest individual score made against us was 163 by Alice Davison-Richards for Bexley in 2013, but she still finished on the losing side as her team ended 15 short

A Ton of Wins

Amy Mistry has played 100 indoor matches for us in Women’s Competition, and all have resulted in a win! The only losing side she has played are in the men’s competition

Top of the Charts

On two occasions the same player has been both leading run-scorer and wicket-taker for the club in the same season – Carrie- Ann White in 2010 and Sian Edwards in 2018

New Kid on The Block

The first game played by the club was on 7th May 2006. When Caitlin Chissell made her senior debut on the 14th of July, 2019 she became the first player born after our first game to play senior cricket for the club.

What's in a Name?

The most common given name amongst our players is Emily – there have been 8 Emilys who have pulled on the HP shirt

Shared Milestone

The ECB KO match against Shillingstone in 2018 saw both Hannah Timmins and Amy Mistry play their 100th game for the club

Sibling Friendship

10 pairs of sisters have represented the club in hardball cricket over the years, but the only trio of siblings to do so are the O’Briens – Poppy, Chloe and Orla

Strange Retirements III

The slight-of-frame Shavindi Mendis had been batting for 12 overs in our game at Nantes, but couldn’t hit the ball off the square. At the drinks break she walked off complaining about the weight of the bat. Others were tried but none were light enough – so the scorecard reads ‘Retired as bat was too heavy’

Ideal Partner

Sarah Atrrill is the only HP player who has shared in four partnerships of more than 150