Fantasy Cricket Rules



It’s simple, all you need to do:

  • Make up a team name (no rude ones please).

  • Select your initial 11 players.

  • You must select at least TWO players from each group .

  • Indicate who you wish to be your captain (double points!).

  • Pay your £3 entry fee to Em or Jem.

  • Enter your team by midnight on xxx email the details to




Your initial team will be effective for the eligible May matches.

You can make 2 player transfers, by the end of each calendar month to be effective for the following calendar month.

You can also change your captain once per month.


All transfer requests must be emailed to by the above deadline in order to be effective.


How players score points


Players can score points in all 2017 senior league games and junior league and cup games.

Your captain scores double points.

If a sub-fielder takes a catch, the points stand for the sub fielder.


Each runs scored is 1 point

Each duck is -10 points

Each wicket taken is 25 points

Each 5 runs conceded is -1 point

Each catch is 20 points

Each stumping is 25 points

Each direct hit run out is 20 points

Each non-direct run out is 10 points each per player




Obviously it is not about the money, but the pride and managerial skills you possess however, prizes are awarded for the manager of the month and the manager of the season.

The manager of each month will receive £5, the remainder of the pot will be split among the top three managers of the season.




Weekly results will be available by the Wednesday following the weekend match. 


Anyone found to be manipulating any element of any match for the personal gain of their fantasy team will be ejected from the competition immediately.


Player selection


Players have been arbitrarily grouped as follows: